Wheel Of Fortune

A this stage is completed, the player that remains is to click on the button to spin the wheel, if the roulette ball stops at the number / group of numbers that you bet, then you win. Otherwise ... well, otherwise it is obvious - no.

Inside bets most common include: full number, quatrain, five numbers, sestina and triplet. Outside bets most common include: column, dozen, red or black, high or low numbers and odd or even. Since this is a game of pure luck, a beginner's online roulette has the same chance of winning an experienced player in the casino.

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Roulette is a casino game, whose name literally means "small wheel". It is one of the oldest games among those that can be found in a casino, since its history goes back to the dawn of the eighteenth century. This article will tell the history of roulette and we explain why, for years, this has been considered the game of the devil.

This page is dedicated to the rules and the odds are the different bets that can be made to play roulette. Although Roulette is a casino game in which chance is a really important factor and you do not need to understand any complicated rule to start playing, you should know the different bets that can be made to enjoy full of Roulette.

Besides naming the different bets that can be made, we also want our readers to know that there are different odds of the bet is won and payment is received in case of wining. It is advisable to understand all the features of the game though not strictly necessary because although the thrill of winning or losing is the same or not you know the rules and odds, game options increase with greater knowledge of the rules Roulette.