21 Blackjack Game

It is important to learn the basic rules and blackjack strategy, also known in Spain as 21, before starting to play for real money. So you can optimize your game before you invest your money, we offer a free game of blackjack for you to practice.

In the free game of Blackjack, as happens in casinos, the goal is to get 21 or as close as without going over. The only difference between the free blackjack we offer and the normal is that here you do not put your money at stake, but virtual chips.

Ask more letters, be planted, double the bet and separates your cards until you master the game of Blackjack perfectly. The decisions of the players are really important in Blackjack, remember that practice will help you increase your chances of getting benefits when you decide to play for real money.

Blackjack online is one of the few casino games where the player's strategy can significantly affect the development of this. Another reason why we recommend you to play free blackjack is that the rules and the different strategies that exist are very easy to learn. Play our free blackjack table to practice your strategy and improve your skills so that you can increase your chances of winning at online casino real.

The blackjack online are very similar to those of live Blackjack. Your goal in both is to reach 21 or get as close as possible without going over. If your hand is closer than the dealer's, you win the stake money.

Note that you can draw as many cards as you want, but at the moment you go over 21, you lose the game directly, so it is always advisable to stay a little short before summing over 21. Remember that in the free blackjack game can also offer you double your bet if you think with one more card to gain separate dealer or if you have two cards of the same value and believe that it is desirable to form two different hands just as can do to play for real money.

You can also pay for insurance when the only card that the dealer is showing an Ace Would you pay half the bet, so if this does recuperations blackjack money invested so much in the bet as insurance. This option is not available in many casinos, in addition to long term is usually never a fortunate choice.